Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Festivities

We had a wonderful Christmas vacaction in Guatemala that lasted 9 amazing days. We loved seeing Nana and Pop and getting a real cultural experience. Two of Bens sisters and their families also came which meant for a full house...but I say, the more the merrier!

We arrived late Wednesday night. The girls did wonderful on the flight (I can't believe it's only 3 hours). The next day we went to an Amusement Park and Zoo.

Thursday we had another fun filled day in Antigua where we (minus the pregos) went zip lining, shopping, had lunch at Posada de Don Rodrigo, and enjoyed walking around the city.

Friday we went to an orphanage and played games, brought them lunch, did a pinata, held them, and wished we could take them home. I was amazed at how well we all interacted with them even though there was a language barrier. The kids broke open a pinata as it is a Guatemalan tradion and we played some games outside. That night we had a light dinner, Santa came for a visit, talent show, and did the nativity play. Gracie was very upset that she was not Mary, but the Inn Keeper. She said she did NOT want to be the Inn Keeper because he was a boy and she's a Gracie Girl. Poor girl had a rough Christmas Eve after that went down. That night the adults did a dance off on Wii which was pretty hilarious. Christmas Eve at Mid-night was one of the most crazy things I've every experienced. It sounded like we were in the middle of war with bombs going off. Outside in the sky from top to bottom, 360 degrees, around were millions of fireworks. People set them off like crazy and good ones too. It was like Disneyland firework times a was very pretty but loud and abnoxious.
Christmas day was low key and relaxing. It's always magical Christmas morning with lots of children who were all on Santas good list (I'm pretty sure Gracie was).

Sunday after church we headed for Irtra (3 hours away) where we stayed for 2 nights in a beautiful resort that had peacocks walking around everywhere, tropical birds, and 3 luxury pools w/slides. They were perfect accomodations for our large group. The next two days we spent at a wonderful water park across the street The kids loved it!

Tuesday we drove another 3 hours to Lake Atitlan. This place is beautiful! We all dressed in the traditonal indian wear and took pictures. The hotel we stayed at had breath taking views. We took a boat across the lake the next day to a small village where we went shopping in the markets, drove in Tuktuk cars, and enjoyed all the diversity.

Wednesday was the 3 hour drive back to Guatemala City. We were sad to pack our bags for the flight the next morning. It was a fun filled trip that we will always treasure! Thanks Nana and Pop!
Here is a little video with more pictures (it was easier to do the pictures this way).

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday

Our sweet Gracie Girl was loving every minute of her big day today.

This birthday bear sings a really cute song and has been continuously singing all week.
We began the morning with presents (since Ben is out of town and Abby was still asleep I gave in and figured she could have them all day to play with)
I told her I'd make her anything she wanted for breakfast, and I'm not surprised her request was doughnuts...made it easy on me.
We went to music makers at church where they sang happy birthday which she loved
I surprised Gracie by taking her and a friend to see Rapunzel
We finished off the night with another party at a friends house which Grace thought was thrown all for her (nice and easy for me).
She's been looking forward to turning 4 for a while, and we are excited and anxious to see what this new year will bring for our Gracie Girl. Happy 4th Birthday Grace. We love you!!!
(This was Sunday at church...she was so excited to be in Sunbeams!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

He's a Lady's Man

Not only is Ben one brave man but he is caring, sensitive, patient, and the perfect Daddy to 3 daughters. We were thrilled to find out that we will be having another sweet baby Girl! Because Ben has been around women his whole life... (4 sisters, no brothers, and now 3 daughters) I've decided he is the perfect "Lady's Man". You really know how to deal with girls when you've lived with 8 (almost 9) throughout your life. This is going to be one lucky baby. This new little girl will fit in Perfectly!!! We can't wait to meet HER!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sneak Peak