Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun on the Ranch

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Nana and Pop's. Gracie is getting to the age where she is really enjoying the ranch and all it has to offer.

Ben and Pop spent lots of time taking Gracie on go-cart rides. She loved being outside, even though it was so hot and was not affected by any allergies like Ben and me.

She loved seeing all of the cows and horses. She would point every time she saw one. Ben and Gracie were up close looking at the cows and she saw one going to the bathroom. She just pointed and said "uh-oh, uh-oh".

We went swimming a couple of times and her favorite part was going down the slide with Ben. Before they even hit the water she would be signing more. We know she's going to have a fun time in Cancun in a couple weeks.

She mostly enjoyed all of the commotion when her cousins were all together. They were all very sweet to her.

This picture is funny to me because it is at the end of a long day. You can see how happy Gracie is in it, but anyone else who saw her that day would say otherwise. While Ben and I were at the temple for his cousins wedding, we had another cousin watch Gracie outside. It was only for an hour, but when we came out Grace was screaming and took a while to settle down. Someone else was holding her because the poor girl that had her was in the bathroom crying herself. Grace made the poor girl cry because she wouldn't calm down. I felt so bad. That afternoon a babysitter came over during Gracie's nap while we went to the luncheon. After 3 calls from the sitter we left to come home early. We walked in the door to find both Gracie and the sitter crying. Once again I felt so bad. How could Gracie make 2 babysitters cry in one day? Grace is not usually left with a sitter ( especially who she doesn't know) unless she is asleep, because when Ben gets home he wants to spend time with her. Poor girls who watched her. Hopefully one day she will grow out of it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kissing Dada and Dodo

Gracie was playing with her blocks and when she found the D block with Dada and Dodo (uncle David) she just started kissing it all on her own. She is learning so much lately and really understands a lot.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day

We had another fun filled weekend. We celebrated my birthday Friday by going out to a little Italian restaurant for dinner. Heather came down to celebrate with me. Ben made me a great funnel cake for dessert.
Saturday morning we drove to east Texas to Aunt Tami and Uncle Steve's house for the "birthday bash". Gracie loved being in the country. After playing in the dirt, drinking orange soda, and not getting a nap all day she looked like a mess...but really enjoyed herself.

Ben was so sweet and took good care of me on Mother's Day. I started the day off with orange rolls for breakfast. After church I took a nice nap. For dinner he made smoothies, halibut with corn on the cobb, and a poppyseed salad. He even made chocolate souffle for dessert and topped it off with a massage. I felt like I was at a resort being pampered all day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun Weekend

We had such a great weekend. Friday was a hot day and Gracie played in her little swimming pool while Ben and I washed the cars. It is so nice to have Ben finished with his first year of medical school and have him around a lot more.
Saturday night Ben and I went to celebrate our anniversary down in Austin. We walked around at the little street carnival and had a great dinner. It was nice to go out by ourselves.

Sunday night Heather came to visit since she was in Texas and spent the night. It was just like old times and we really enjoyed ourselves. We hung out and got caught up. It was also a treat to go get pedicures.