Wednesday, December 28, 2011

7 Months

I absolutely LOVE having Olivia as my baby! I could hold her, make her laugh, rock her, sing to her, watch her sleep, listen to her coo, soak up every smile, show her off, and keep her little FOREVER!!!! Because she is growing so fast, I'm trying to cherish every part of this sweet baby. Every smile (which is continuous all day long) melts my heart. 0-6 months is such a special time having a newborn around, but 6-12 months is one of my favorites. Their personalities really come out and they are learning to do so many new things. Olivia can now sit on her own, eats all kinds of baby food, rolls around, and will interact with anyone who gives her attention. I'm constantly reminded how happy and pleasant she is. She goes with the flow and is patient with her older sisters. Olivia we sure love you!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's been so fun being back and so close to family and once again participating in all the family traditions. I've loved introducing my girls to these traditions that I remember doing as a little girl.
The Card Party
The Toffoli's host a wonderful "card party" that has taken place for 21 years. We all sit around making Christmas cards to send out to family and friends. There are plenty of stickers, markers, stamps, paper, glue, glitter, you name it, it's there. Not to mention there is always amazing food to accompany. We then all walk together to the blue mail box singing Christmas songs along the way. Once we get back we sip cider while the kids do a small program. This year included the violin, piano, "guitar", singing, and dancing. It was such a fun night that the girls LOVED!!!!

Mimi's Ornament Dinner
Every year since I was little Mimi has always given me an ornament in my stocking at her house. She has a stocking hanging for every one of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren (spouse included). It's been fun to pull out our ornaments when decorating the tree and remember all the ornaments she has given me throughout the years. Not only does she give us an ornament in our stockings but she also lets us choose one of her very own ornaments off of her Christmas tree. Thanks to Mimi, when I got married I already had enough ornaments to fill up our Christmas tree. The girls loved picking just the right one off her tree and were happy to come home and hang it on our tree.

Sitting on Santa's Lap
Of course this is a tradition that everyone does. It's funny to see the different looking Santa's and to see the girls reactions to him each year. This year Gracie and Olivia loved it, but Abigail was never quite too sure what to think.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Look What I Did!

Click on the link...
(I didn't have any of the pictures and my sister did such a good post that I'm using hers)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Deck the Halls

It was fun to find new spots for all of our Christmas decorations this year!

The "Bass Pro Shop" is also decorated as a winter wonderland with things for the kids to do. The best part is it's all free.

We love Christmas time!

Monday, November 28, 2011

6 Months

Oh my little Baby Doll. Stop growing up so fast! Those round little checks I could just kiss all day. At 4 months you were only in the 10th percentile. You've shot up to the 40th percentile in just 2 months. 15 lbs 4 oz. (40th percentile), 24 3/4 inch and (20th percentile). Your 3-6 month clothes are getting too tight and have to wear 6-9 or 6-12 month. Your 2 little bottom teeth poking in make you look so big. You're loving eating baby food and have tried green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and bananas. Did you know you have the cutest little indent/hole in your ear that looks like a freckle and a little birth mark on your bum? Both of these you had at birth and they have not changed in the past 6 months. You light up every room with your smile and make our home all the more happy! We love you Olivia!!!

Happy Turkey Day

We are so thankful for all the blessings we've been given. How grateful we are to have our church, 3 healthy girls, a home, and be surrounded by the love of friends and family. Thanksgiving dinner at Auntie Pam's house was delicious and so beautiful. The adults had a pleasant time chatting and the kids had just as much fun being together.

Friday we all went to Travel Town in LA. We brought breakfast burritos and had a picnic breakfast. The kids loved exploring all the trains and riding the mini train around the park.