Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today was Magical!!!

11 Months

It makes me sad to think that I only have one more month until she's one. Abigail is such a joy to be around and so easy going. Here are her stats for this past month:
-top, front two teeth coming in (which accounts for constant drool and a mouth rash)
-signs "more"
-loves using her walker
-LOVES the bath
-her spitting-up has finally died down.
-size 3 diaper
-only likes single purred fruits and veggies...very picky about eating.
-sleeps well (loves her taggie blanket)
Abigail we love you so much and feel so blessed to have you in our life. You are nothing but happiness and full of life.


Thanks Shorts for letting us come play while Ben was on call. We had a fun time (especially on the Barbie Jeep)!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day

(Here are my two other sweethearts I love. I realize I need to start getting some pictures of Ben and I )

We had a wonderful Valentines weekend. Sweet Ben surprised me on Saturday night and got a sitter so we could go to dinner, frozen yogurt, and a movie. We realized we have not done this alone since before Abby was born (so probably over a year ago). It felt like when we first started dating and I loved every second of it. It was so nice to only focus on each other (and not 2 other sweethearts as well). Thanks Benny-Boo. Ben's Grandfather told us this when we got married, and I have found it very true...I love you more today then yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. I love you Ben!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Favorite PassTime

Here's what we've been doing lately to pass the time...