Sunday, September 30, 2012


Grace didn't have school Friday so Ben took a vacation day and vacation we did.  We LOVED Legoland!  Why have we never been here before?  It is the perfect park for young kids.  The girls could ride just about every ride (and it was great b/c the rides did not seem like "baby rides"), the lines were short, and the weather was beautiful.  This was our first "mini vacation" with just our family in a while and we all enjoyed every second of it!
 One of the girls favorite parts about going away is staying in a hotel.  The park closed at 5 so after grabbing some dinner we hit up the pool, had a little dance party, ate some cookies, and crashed.  
Saturday morning after breakfast we walked around the San Diego temple then spent the day at Coronado Beach.  This beach was perfect for kids.  The sand was so smooth, the waves were small, and you could play in the water pretty far out before it got deep. What a wonderful weekend it was!  It couldn't have been any more perfect, and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else!

Happy 29th Birthday Ben

LOVE these pictures...They show how much Ben loves his girls and how much the girls love him!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grahams Visit

We were all VERY excited for the Graham's to visit and finally meet little baby Jackson.  Steven, Melinda, and Jackson spent a whole day with us, playing, having dinner, going on a walk, and Uncle Stevie even took the girls on a special date to get frozen yogurt.  It is very sweet because Abby calls Uncle Stevie her "Prince Charming".

That same weekend we all went to Hurrican Harbor (thanks Ryan for the free tickets), blessed baby Jackson at church on Sunday, took family pictures (more to come), had a lemonade stand and a pool party. It sure is fun all being together.


Kindergarten Update

Gracie still LOVES kindergarten and is just as excited to go as she was the first day of school.  Her teacher is a perfect match for her.  I've been able to volunteer every other Wednesday and love seeing what goes on in there.  
Each day a different student gets a turn to be the "star student".  When you are the "star student" you get to sit in the little rocking chair (instead of the carpet) next to Mrs. Provencher, water the plants, feed the fish, and be the line leader.  But, the best part of all is getting to bring home Bobby Bear.  Grace was so cute with Bobby Bear.  He walked home from school with us, helped with homework, watched a movie, got frozen yogurt, and slept with with Grace.  It was so cute seeing the girls talk to Bobby Bear and take care of him.  We got to fill out a little journal of things we did with him so that all the students know where he has visited.   
 I was so proud of Grace when she received the "Academic Award" at the first school award assembly.  Two kids from each class get an award each month and we were very proud of our Gracie girl!