Wednesday, January 25, 2012

8 Months

I'm such a big girl

I say "Dada"

I say "Hi" and wave

I take big girl baths

I eat lots of table food

I have everyone wrapped around my finger

Friday, January 20, 2012

5 Years Old

I can't believe my Gracie Girl is 5 years old. We had a "Cupcake Birthday Party" in the backyard. The weather was perfect (70 degrees) and the birthday girl was on top of the world.
This past year she has definitely grown up and I see a small change in her that shows me she is slowly turning into a "a little lady". She can make me so frustrated, but oh how I love her. To sum her up..."She's just Gracie Girl".
Grace loves to create.
Anything that has to do with coloring, art projects, and crafts have her name written all over it.
I love the free spirit that comes out of her when she is crafting.
I'm continually grateful that she is my oldest.
She has a mothering instinct and treats her little sisters so well.
It's when she's playing with Abigail or Olivia that I see her the most
giving, caring,
selfless, and comforting.
She wants to do right.
She makes sure things are the right way.
Sometimes it is frustrating
like when she has to have her bedding folded down at the right spot.
But most times its sweet to see her making good choices like
always remembering to say her prayers and read scriptures.

Sweet Gracie Girl
You've always been my one
who has stuck by my side.
You're my baby who has had to be patient with me
while I'm learning this process of being a Mommy.
Every new challenge we take together.
And many times I feel you are teaching
me more than I am
teaching you.
I love to carry you, tickle your arm at night,
do your hair, bathe you, kiss you,
sing to you, and drive you places.
I know one day I won't be doing
these things for you any more.
You are growing so fast and I want to
cherish all these moments
with you,
before they become sparingly.
Thanks for being patient with me
and loving me with all my flaws.
I love hearing you say you want to be
a Mommy like me when you
grow up.
I hope
I can live up to
all you hope me to be
for you!
Happy 5th Birthday Gracie Girl. I Love You!!!

Christmas Day

In the 6 years we have been married we have yet to have a Christmas morning at our own home until this year. We LOVED it! It was so fun waking up in our own beds and going downstairs to see what Santa brought. The girls are at such a fun age and it makes me realize there are only a handful of years left that Christmas will be "magical when you believe".

After opening presents, breakfast, and church we headed up the Grandmas house for a nice brunch and more gift exchanging.

(my sister Nora made me this adorable Playroom Rules sign...I love it!!! Its so cute in the playroom!)
Ben headed to work around 4 and the rest of us went to Auntie Sherry's for a lovely Christmas dinner.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent the morning hanging out and enjoying the day with Ben. During the month of December his only day off was on Saturday. We went to an early Christmas Eve dinner at the Merkley's house at 1pm. The weather was beautiful. The kids played outside, we had soup and salad, did a musical program where Ben and I played a duet on the piano, read the story of the first Christmas in the scriptures, read "Twas the Night Before Christmas", exchanged presents, and opened jammies.

That evening we came home wrote a letter to Santa, left him a plate of cookies and glass of milk, and went to bed anxiously waiting for him to come that night...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas at Grandmas

We all met up at Grandma's the Wednesday before Christmas. It was so nice to all be together and the weather was beautiful in the mid 70's. Activities included...
Decorating Grandma's Christmas tree

A Bounce House Day. The kids earned $90 over Labor Day selling lemonade and avocados and decided this was the best way to spend the money. We will definitely make the bounce house a yearly tradition and would recommend it to all. It's affordable, all day entertainment, right in your own backyard, fun for all ages, and mess free.
Trip to Bass Pro Shop. Poor Abigail was sick the whole night before, but was a trooper and came with us any way.

Tree Cutting. Grandma will now have a supply of firewood for the next 50 years.


Cookie Decorating

and caroling