Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail

I really can't believe Abigail is 2. Even though she acts way older than a 2 year old, I can't help but look at her and think of her as my baby. She has been the most pleasant and happy girl these past two years. Of course she does have a big personality and is very independent, but we love everything about her.
Abby at 2 years:
-loves to read books
-talks really well!!!
-knows her ABC's and can count past 10
-loves to sing
-thinks shes one of the "big kids"
-doesn't like milk (expect in cereal)
-potty trained and off the paci
-very independent (gets dressed/undressed by herself)
-loves to say prayers
-roars like a lion throughout the house all day
-follows Gracie around
-not a chocolate lover...but loves Chips!
-only naps 2-3 days a week
-sleeps from 7:30-7:30/8
We celebrated Abby's birthday Saturday (since we're going out of town her real birthday). We started the day with donuts which Abby inhaled 2 of. Then we opened presents. Thanks Nana and Pop for the doll house. It has entertained both girls non-stop for the past few days. That afternoon we had a little party at the park with lunch and cupcakes. It was great day! Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail. We love you soooo much!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Match Day

March 17th was definitely our LUCKY day! It was "Match Day" for Ben to determine which residency program he got into. Here is a little summary of how the process works...
After interviewing at different residency programs, you send in a rank list of those programs you want to go to. Every program also sends in a list of the students they want to take. Then on Match Day the whole class gets together and receives their envelope to where they are placed. You may get your 1st ranked program, or you may get your 10th choice. Lucky for us we got our #1 choice and will be going to Loma Linda for Ben's ENT Residency in June. We are so excited! I'm so proud of Ben and how hard he has worked these past four years.
The morning began with the leprechaun helping us keep our luck with green pancakes, whip cream, and juice.

You have to walk up get your envelope then sit back down and wait to open it.
Everyone pins on the map where they are going.
That night we had a very nice dinner in Austin to celebrate. Congratulations Ben!

Sea World

Ben had all week off (except Monday) and we took advantage of our Sea World passes and spent Tuesday and Wednesday there. The new Sesame Street area was a big hit.
We saw all the characters...

Rode the rides...

Fed the birds and dolphins...

Went hot tubbing at the hotel (which Gracie said was one of her favorite parts of the trip)

and even went to the water park (since it was 85 degrees).
Even though it was very crowded with it being spring break, we had a great time and the girls were perfect!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Best Friends

I used to be Gracie's best friend, but have been replaced... These two really are Best Friends and I love watching them play together!